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Choosing your spectacles

This can be daunting without the right help, but we are here to make this an enjoyable and affordable experience.

Balanced Choices

 The appearance, comfort and feel of new spectacles depend as much on the lenses you choose as the style of the frame. It is important to select frames which will suit your face and complement the lenses you need.

Today’s spectacles utilise the latest manufacturing technologies to best advantage to produce a wide selection of frame materials and lenses. For example, titanium is particularly popular for frames because it is extremely lightweight, very durable and strong. Titanium and nickel-free alloys have the added bonus of being hypoallergenic. Advanced materials and processes create lenses which are much lighter too, giving a greater range of choice and comfort, even if you have a higher prescription.

Selecting your frames

The type of frame you wear can say a lot about your personality. Rimless or thin minimalist frames make your spectacles as individual as possible, helping to retain your natural look. A heavy, dark frame, on the other hand, may suggest you are serious and confident, whilst a brightly coloured frame could indicate you are outgoing.
We can advise you on the shape, style and fit of the spectacles (most frames are available in a range of sizes to ensure comfort). However, it is often useful to bring someone who knows you to help you choose the frames.


Spectacles for all occasions

Your spectacles can help to convey the image you want to portray. A smart, efficient look can be perfect for work, but you may prefer a more informal style for other social situations. Do you want to coordinate the colour of your frames with your clothes and other accessories?
If you have never considered using different spectacles for different occasions, bear in mind that we can provide prescription sunglasses, specialist sports spectacles, safety eyewear or just a different style for a different mood. We look forward to helping you select the spectacles that are just right for you.

Selecting your lenses

spectacle_lenses (1)There are many lens manufacturers, each trying to make lenses thinner, lighter and more resistant to wear and tear. Certain types and finishes of lenses are particularly suitable for different working conditions or leisure activities. Advanced plastic materials mean that lenses are better able to cope with the rigours of everyday wear and are lighter too.

Whether your need is for lightweight, impact-resistant, UV-blocking, tinted, anti-reflective, polarised or a combination of all of these benefits, we can advise you on the best lens for your needs.

If you enjoy participating in sports then polycarbonate lenses could be a good choice for you as they are highly impact-resistant, thin and light. An anti-reflective coating is especially useful for reducing glare – from car headlights when driving at night or from your computer screen if you are a regular VDU user.

Type of lenses that we can offer are:

Single Vision – Single Vision lenses correct long sight, short sight, reading vision or astigmatism. These are the most common of all lenses used. Due to advancement in lens manufacturing and material used we can now provide thinned lenses to give the most aesthetic appearance for all.

Varifocals – Are a spectacle lens with a gradual and progressive change in power over the lens. The very complex aspheric shape of one of the surfaces produces this progression.  They are the modern alternative to Bifocals. They have no dividing line and, therefore, are much more attractive cosmetically. Their main advantage is that they give excellent vision at all distances, reading, intermediate, and far distance. The world‘s first varifocal was invented in 1959.

Bifocals -A lens with two portions of different focal power. Usually, the upper part is used for distance vision and the lower portion, which is smaller, is used for reading vision. There are many types and designs of bifocals and for some people still represent the best choice of lens.

Coatings – Hard coatings help prevent scratches and anti-reflective coatings increase the light passing through the lens and reduce glare.

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