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At Aves Optometrists, we have been fitting contact lenses for over 30 years, and have the experience in fitting a wide variety of lenses from the modern daily or Silicone Hydrogel lenses to the more complex and traditional gas permeable lenses.
We have access, through our suppliers, to a wide variety of lenses, enabling us to impartially select the lenses most suitable for each patient’s individual visual requirement.

We treat each patient on an individual basis, and before any contact lens fitting we will carry out a full eye examination, enabling us to carry out a full assessment as to the health of your eyes and will enable us to discuss your suitability for contact lens wear.

The contact lens fitting will include all the measurements required, as well as a discussion as to which lenses will be most suitable according to your budget and individual requirements.  We will also instruct you on correct insertion and removal of the lenses as well as how to care and maintain them in order to look after your ocular health.
The fitting will also include a short trial, to enable you to find out if you are happy with the type of lens you have been fitted with.

Once we have successfully fitted your contact lenses we will require you to attend for regular examinations and aftercare assessment, usually only once a year.

If you are already wearing contact lens, we can check that your lenses are still the best type for you and advise you of any new lenses available.

We offer affordable monthly schemes for contact lenses and can include your eye examinations and contact lens care.

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  • Contact Lens Type

    Night Lenses ( ortho k )

    Ortho-k lenses correct your vision while you sleep. You simply put your lenses in as you go to bed, remove them in the morning, and wake up to a world of clear natural vision.

    They work best for people with short sight ( myopia ) and are very good for children who are starting to develop myopia.

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    Gas Permeable ( rigid ) lenses

    Gas permeable lenses are made of a rigid material & give excellent vision and comfort but they do take a while to get used to.

    They are usually replaced yearly. Lots of people have worn these for decades with few complications. They are not good if you play contact sports.

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    Soft Lenses

    There are lots of different designs and types of soft lens. They are very soft, a bit like a thick piece of cling film which makes them very comfortable.

    As independent opticians, we are in the privileged position of having access to all lenses and are free to choose the best for you.

    Available as daily, weekly and monthly disposable and some longer-term ones. We would discuss with you which would give you the best comfort and vision to suit your budget.

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